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We can handle any aspect of your running rigging. In order to assist you in assessing your requirements we have provided some tips below. If you think you require professional help, feel free to contact us for further information.

Inspecting Your Rigging

Hauling your boat out of the water for the winter provides the perfect opportunity for inspecting standing rigging. The stays, shrouds, terminals and turn buckles bear the total load of the mast and are under considerable strain at all times. It is suggested that the rig be inspected once a year to avoid a possible failure the following season.


Places to Check

Problems can range from minor gear failure, which is inconvenient, to a dismasting, which can be dangerous. Normally, there will be warning signs before failure occurs. These take many forms, including broken wires, heavy stains or corrosion, or small cracks in the fittings. Unstepping the mast obviously helps greatly in the inspection process, but it's not absolutely necessary. Using a bosun's chair is another option, making sure that experienced help is on the deck if you intend to do your own climbing. Also, always make sure that you use the main halyard as a backup line. If you are at all unsure of what to look for, you can contact usto do the inspection for you.

Checking your Standing Rigging

Standing rigging is easier to check if you unstep the mast. Even if you don't unstep your mast, you should still inspect your rigging. The turnbuckles and chain plates have to be angled in such a way that they are in a direct line with the shrouds and stays. If this is not the case, the chain plate can bend slightly, causing metal fatigue that could eventually lead to failure. Cracking and distortion on the deck around the chain plate could be caused by misalignment with the shrouds and turnbuckles. Alternatively, it could be evidence of a deck leak. If this is the case, it needs to be dealt with immediately, since water leaking around the chain plates normally enters the deck's core, leading to structural problems. If the leaking chain plate is attached to a wooden bulkhead beneath the deck, then the structural repercussions can be severe. Water seeping into the wood will ultimately cause rot, weakening the bulkhead to such an extent that it is no longer able to support the chain plate and, consequently, the heavy demands of the rig. Look for dark areas in the wood, delamination and a dull sound when the bulkhead is tapped. Contact us if you suspect a problem.

Tip of the Month

When replacing running rigging buy an extra metre. In this way when the line starts to show wear, you can remove eye splice, splice the other end and refit line the other way round thus using different parts of the line in high wear areas

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